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AM-Platform informal meeting November 27th at Euromold 2014 Frankfurt

Dear AM Platform member,

Many meetings and events are planned the last months of the year: Euromold, Brookerages, national events, ...
Based on this we decided that it would be too busy to organize a full day AM-Platform meeting as we are used to. It is shifted to Spring – Jan – Feb 2015 (details to follow).
However, we want to provide an opportunity to meet with you and discuss new H2020 project ideas, recent developments and trends in AM and beyond.

On behalf of the AM-Platform management board, I kindly invite you to attend the informal AM-Platform meeting which will be held at Euromold in Frankfurt.
We will meet for a chat, drink and snack on Thursday November 27th from 15.00 on at the TNO booth in Hall 11 Stand 132 on Euromold 2014 Frankfurt.

We look forward to meeting you there and exchange latest ideas and news & achievements!

With kind regards on behalf of the AM-Platform,

Frits Feenstra

NB: for organizational purposes, we would appreciate a note on your attendance and possibly dietary needs!

BEST: Brokerage event for the coming H2020 NMBP work programme 2015

BEST is the brokerage event for the coming H2020 NMBP work programme 2015.
It is organized by the  European Technology Integrating and Innovation Platform on Nanotechnology NANOfutures with the collaboration of the European Platforms for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies EUMAT and Manufacturing, MANUFUTURE.

The event will be held at Egmont Palace in

Brussels on November 13rd 2014

and will be opened by the European Commission.

It is for the coming H2020 NMBP work programme 2015 including all the coming topics, also those from  PPPs FoF, EeB and Spire ones.

It is free of charge. However, space is limited so attendance is restricted to one person per entity. Subscriber’s selection will be done observing the need for a balanced participation from industries and research entities and the priority to earlier applications. Final acceptances will be sent around october.

More info and applications on:
Sample Image

Ready for Printing - 3D Printing at Siemens

A laser beam that melts metal powder at exactly the right point just one example of 3D printing in the industry.

Components are created from metal and alloys layer by layer exactly as shown on the computer blueprint. Corporate Technology in Berlin is currently focusing on this laser sintering process. It is already in use at Energy in Finspong in Sweden for repairing gas turbine burners a possible revolution in the service sector. And a team in Munich-Perlach is using 3D printers to plan new manufacturing facilities as intuitively as possible.