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Ready for Printing - 3D Printing at Siemens

A laser beam that melts metal powder at exactly the right point just one example of 3D printing in the industry.

Components are created from metal and alloys layer by layer exactly as shown on the computer blueprint. Corporate Technology in Berlin is currently focusing on this laser sintering process. It is already in use at Energy in Finspong in Sweden for repairing gas turbine burners a possible revolution in the service sector. And a team in Munich-Perlach is using 3D printers to plan new manufacturing facilities as intuitively as possible.


GE Contest 3D Printing Design Quest

GE is excited to be launching two additive manufacturing quests that invite entrepreneurs, companies and institutions to offer their solutions to two additive manufacturing challenges:3D Printing Design Quest 3D Printing Production Quest: High Precision and Advanced Materials.

Additive manufacturing is a key part of the advanced manufacturing revolution. With additive techniques, we can transform the things we make and the way we make them, significantly reduce production times and achieving cost savings without sacrificing performance. GE is already putting additive technologies to work on an industrial scale, and through external collaboration will accelerate the application of these technologies.

The quests, launched in partnership with GrabCAD and NineSigma, are both open to the public. The first phase of both quests will be open from June 11, 2013 to July 26, 2013.



Download Fact Sheet            3D Printing Design Quest

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