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Contribute to MANUFUTURE Platform Vision document for 2030

 Dear Colleagues,

The MANUFUTURE Platform is developing a Vision document for 2030 and a new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

Following the extremely fruitful collaboration in the past with your initiative, we would like to invite you to actively participate in this process, by sharing with us the views and requirements from your stakeholders.

Regarding the SRIA, we kindly ask you to provide us proposals for research priorities, aligned with the broad research domains that we identified in our VISION 2030 document (for a short description of these domains, please find below a copy of section 5.1 – “Science and Technology” of the current version of our VISION 2030 document):

  1. New business logics and models

  2. Agile manufacturing systems design and management

  3. Digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

  4. Biotech transformation of products and processes

  5. Manufacturing technology and processes

  6. Robotics and flexible automation

  7. Customer driven manufacturing

  8. Human centred manufacturing

    9.Circular economy, resource and energy efficiency

10.Nano-technology and new materials

Considering its scope, the MANUFUTURE SRIA will include research domains and areas with relevance and impact for the European Manufacturing Industry. For each of the selected research domains, please propose up to 5 research priorities, identifying the respective title, type of research and its description and justification. You can include priorities that you classify as Fundamental Research, Applied Research and Technological Development or Pilot implementation and Demonstration. If you consider that some of the research priorities you would like to propose do not fit under one of the indicated research domains, please include them in a specific table named “other”.

These areas should naturally be relevant for your stakeholders but also have a horizontal / cross-sectorial nature, which should be supported in the respective description and justification.

 In the document below, you find a template to collect your suggestions and an example to illustrate the requested information. Please duplicate this table for each one of the 10 selected research domains (if applicable) and add the information regarding your priorities (up to 5).

Please send us this information until the 20th of June.

After processing all the collected information, we will produce a draft version of the SRIA and send it to collect your final feedback. Your contribution will be duly credited in the final document.

If you have any questions and need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Arun Junai, Coordinator, ManuFuture ETP Sub-platforms and other ETPs

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

With our best regards,




The coming Research and Innovation Programme: HORIZON EUROPE

The European Commission is making ambitious yet realistic proposals for a modern EU budget. It is time for an EU budget that reflects rapid developments in innovation, the economy, the environment and geopolitics, amongst others. The Commission is putting forward modern, clearer and simpler EU financial rules that ensure the EU budget delivers on the issues that matter to Europeans.

Horizon Europe, with a budget of €97.6 billion, is the biggest ever research and innovation funding programme. It is designed around three pillars:

-Open Science Pillar: Building on the success of the European Research Council, the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and the Research Infrastructures, the pillar adds more resources for projects with higher impacts. The projects are selected through a "bottom-up" approach, are defined and driven by researchers and networks and are evaluated on the sole criterion of excellence. The goal is to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship in education across Europe to provide the skills and competences needed to make Europe more competitive on a global scale.

-Global Challenges pillar: It is built on clusters that aim at exploiting European strengths and assets by generating new knowledge and translating it into useful innovations, developing and applying digital and key enabling technologies along with a new mission approach. This will further ensure that Research & Innovation activities support EU policy priorities in areas such as the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, health, food and natural resources, resilience and security, climate, energy and mobility to secure a low-carbon, circular and climate-resilient society, industrial competitiveness and other societal challenges. Industrial leadership will be prominent within the pillar and through the programme as whole.

 -Open Innovation pillar: This new pillar will offer a one-stop shop for high potential innovators, aiming to put Europe at the forefront of market-creating innovation through a "bottom-up" approach. It will develop future breakthrough technologies and attract innovative companies with potential for scaling up at international/European levels. It will offer fast, flexible grants and market-based instruments with private investors while ensuring that support close to the market activities does not unduly distort competition between innovators. These objectives will be pursued through the creation of a European Innovation Council.

More info here  

CAxMan project Additive Manufacturing Road Tour!

The objectives of Computer Aided Technologies for Additive Manufacturing (CAxMan) project are to establish Cloud based Toolboxes, Workflows and a One Stop-Shop for CAx-technologies supporting the design, simulation and process planning for Additive Manufacturing.

The project  has launched its European CAxMan Additive Manufacturing Road Tour (CAM-RT). The tour will take the form of a series of workshops and aims to underpin the customer development process. Five workshops will take place during March and August in in France, Germany, Italy, Norway and Spain.

More info and dates: