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ADME Project: DDS with AI-based Criteria Optimizer for Additive Manufacturing

Critical to the selection material requirements for additive manufacturing (AM) is the necessity for appropriate materials. Materials requirements for AM comprise the ability to produce the feedstock in a form in accordance with the specific AM technology.

ADME project presents an innovative solution to resolve the designer efforts of material selection of the heterogeneous properties of composite materials based on the development of novel software. The main objective of the project is to help designers demonstrating the potential of intelligent Decision Support System (DSS) tool, based on supprt vector machine (SVM). The tool will reduce time to market of the product, helping designers to save searching materials on material handbooks and provides optimized software for the best selection of composite materials, also considering recyclability of materials. As a result of the ADME project, the user can evaluate the influences of his decisions concerning design, material and machine selection at an early stage of the product development process

Metal Additive Manufacturing Symposium in April

Metal AMS -13 & 14 April 2022-The 1st edition of the International Metal Additive Manufacturing Symposium at Cetim, France.

Metal AMS is the first French  symposium 100% dedicated to the Metal Additive Manufacturing technologies. Organized by the French Metal AM community in collaboration with major R&D players from around the world, it addresses every step of the AM value chain. This first edition will focus on European areas of expertise including: Design, Materials, Simulation, direct and sintered-base Processes, Monitoring and Control/Qualification challenges.


The whole event will accessible from Senlis (Near Paris), France, as well as online, with replays for those not available.

Find out more information, and get a chance to meet and debate, by registering on


The webinar-series hosted by RECENDT, the Research Center for Non-Destructive Testing. Presenting latest results in NDT-research and opportunities for industry to profit from the application of novel NDT solutions.

-16.03.2022; New methods of X-ray computed tomography for materials: quantitative CT, high-resolution CT and phase contrast CT -12.15-13.00 h  Dr. Johann Kastner Vice President FH OÖ Forschungs & Entwicklungs GmbH

-23.03.2022: Accurate contactless moisture measurement based on modern ultra-compact NIR spectometer technology: 12.15-13.00 h  Dipl.-Ing. Robert Zimmerleiter, Research Scientist, RECENDT

-06.04.2022: In situ Laser Ultrasound measurements of austenitic grain growth in plain carbon steel: 12.15-13.00 h  Dipl.-Ing. Christian Kerschbaummayr, Research Scientist, RECENDT

And more!!

More info and registration at. NDT4Industry - RECENDT | Research Center for Non-Destructive Testing GmbH