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Advanced manufacturing projects report

The manufacturing industry plays a key role in the green and digital transitions and is a major employer in the Union. This report from EC looks at the rich portfolio of EU projects supporting advanced manufacturing, including additive manufaturing, mostly under the Factories of the Future and Made in Europe partnerships. The projects are developing a diverse array of advanced manufacturing technologies, integrating them in the service of the manufacturing industry of the future. The report concludes with an analysis of the trends in manufacturing industry and the stakeholders’ vision.

Future needs include a systematic approach to circularity; distributed manufacturing; digitalisation and AI, in a human-centred manufacturing industry; and breakthrough technologies. Efforts beyond R&I are needed to take advantage of the technologies, including crucially the need to disseminate the technologies to companies, most importantly SMEs; and to foster the skilled workers that companies need to adopt the technologies.

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Trends in advanced manufacturing R&I - Publications Office of the EU (