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Save the date: MADE FOR SPACE

Made for Space event on 2nd-3rd May 2019 to explore opportunities in the space industry.

Date: Thursday 2nd - Friday 3rd May 2019
Venue: The MTC Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre, Ansty Park, Coventry, CV7 9JU
Time: 9:00 - 16:30
Price: From £125 +VAT

The global space industry is booming and is set to be worth over £400 billion by 2030. The UK space sector has trebled in size since 2000 and with further significant growth predicted, presents a major opportunity for high-value manufacturing companies.Made for Space is a two-day intensive conference examining the opportunities and challenges for manufacturing within the global space sector. With sessions focusing on key advanced manufacturing technologies, such as: additive manufacturing, surface engineering and advanced coatings, robotics and automation, and joining, Made for Space brings together international experts from both the space and advanced manufacturing sectors who will show how these new manufacturing technologies can help to address the challenge of producing the next generation of space hardware.

Why attend?

  • Get an insight into the opportunities for manufacturers in the space sector
  • Hear from leading international experts from both the space and manufacturing sectors
  • Visit our all-day exhibition accompanied by refreshments and networking
  • Take a tour of the MTC's state-of-the-art facilities

More info and registartion at:

Poland: Additive Manufacturing Meeting (AMM 2019)

 AMM CONFERENCE; Poland, 18-19 September 2019

Additive Manufacturing Meeting 2019 is an international event addressed to individuals and institutions interested in the development and/or implementation of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. The intention of the organizers is to build a common platform for an exchange of knowledge and experience both in the field of industrial and medical solutions.

Within the 3rd edition of Additive Manufacturing Meeting (AMM) speakers from the industry and research organization will share their knowledge and experience about implementation of AM (3D printing) to industry (aviation, automotive, medical, etc.).

For the first time, young scientists’ poster session will take place. Students, Ph.D. students and young scientists (up to 35 y.o.) will have the opportunity to present their achievements in the development of additive manufacturing technologies on the second day of the conference, during the poster session.

Participation in the conference is possible as a speaker, partner or regular participant. We invite you to find out the detailed information and registration on the event website.

More details about AMM2019, can be find at conference webpage as well as at its fanpages (FB ‑, LinkedIn ‑

Workhsop: Powder materials for AM: from production up to recycling

Germany, January 24th

Additive manufacturing enables to produce parts with complex shapes, which would have never been achieved by classical manufacturing processes. Therefore, it opens extraordinarily opportunities and may be considered as an emerging or already on-going industrial revolution as the conception and manufacturing ways of designing parts need to be globally rethought and education programs reshaped.

Are all the technical issues fixed? The answer is probably no and it obliges to think it globally: materials and process issues, complex design, large parts, alternative processes, norms, surface finishing, re-use or recycling of powders, impact of emerging technologies such as IA, …

This workshop dedicated to Ph.D. students, experts, program managers and decision makers aims at merging actors along the value chain to foster information exchanges around the central topic of powder materials.

More info: doc attached