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3D Printing Workshop-FENIX project

DATES: 18&19 February 2020


Within the framework of the FENIX project (H2020), CIM UPC has organized a 3D Printing Workshop to expose the progress made within the project.

In this Workshop we want participants to learn how to design and print pieces made of recovered e-wastes (WEEE).

More info here Workshop

Prima Industrie-INNOVATION DAY 2019

Prima Industrie invites you to the INNOVATION DAY 2019
On October 22nd and 23rd, Prima Industrie Headquarters will host the second edition of the Innovation Day.

10:30 AM | 4:45 PM Prima Industrie HQTC
Due to the high number of participants, there are no more places available for October 23. For this reason, we extended the event to the previous day, to welcome you to our Headquarters in the best possible way.Register now to attend on October 22.
During the event, we will open the doors of our house to show you our brand new Advanced Laser Center.
Together with the new facility, during this event we will reveal the World Premiere of the new generation of Metal Additive Manufacturing systems by Prima Additive.
10:30 - Welcome and registration
11:00 - Presentation of Prima Industrie Group innovations
11:30 - Presentation of Prima Additive new products
12:00 - Demo performed live on new Prima Additive products
13:00 - Lunch
14:15 - Demo performed live on new Prima Additive products
16:45 - Food and music
What you will see during the event
The new Advanced Laser Center. The house of our R&D department and of Prima Additive division.
Our well established Metal Additive Manufacturing systems. The reliable Print Sharp 250 Powder Bed Fusion machine, equipped with the CS450 laser by Convergent (Prima Industrie Group), and the Laserdyne 430, our Direct Energy Deposition machine for small parts fabrication and reworking.
The new Powder Bed Fusion products, presented in World Premiere, featuring better productivity, improved working area for larger parts manufacturing, and new laser sources for additive manufacturing with different emission wavelength.
A preview of the new Direct Energy Deposition products, with new machines that will be available by the end of this year.
The brand new Direct Energy Deposition Head, a very fast solution to fully exploit this technology, improving productivity and surface quality, that will be installed on our machines, but can also be integrated on robots or used to retrofit 3D cutting machines.
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ASTM international-2nd AM Center of excellence Worskhop

The event takes place on September 16th in Senlis (Paris area at CETIM) and is organized by ASTM international and supported by e.g. CECIMO, EASA, MTC and Fraunhofer.

Join us for a one-day 2nd workshop that will offer participants a unique and comprehensive look at the entire AM value chain, including powder, design, processing, postprocessing, nondestructive inspection, qualification, and certification. The workshop will also cover how the newly formed AM Center of Excellence (CoE) is employing a combined approach of R&D and targeted standards development to fill gaps in standardization and workforce development.

It is dedicated to foster a technical discussion on selected topics by bridging the technical discussions to current and future standardization activities. It is also meant to foster transatlantic cooperation. Attendees will therefore get a good insight in what’s going on in the world of standards at the moment. In the following days of this week, meetings of all ISO TC261 and ASTM F42 Working Groups will take place at the same venue and all attendees are invited to join.

Conference agenda here

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