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SASAM's mission is to drive the growth of AM to efficient and sustainable industrial processes by integrating and coordinating Standardisation activities for Europe by creating and supporting a standardisation organisation in the field of AM.

The Additive Manufacturing (AM) concept is based on additive freeform fabrication technologies for the automated production of complex products.

Additive Manufacturing is defined as the direct production of finished goods using additive processes from digital data.

A key advantage is that AM eliminates the need for tooling, such as moulds and dies, that can make the introduction of new products prohibitively expensive, both in time and money. This enables the production of forms that have been long considered impossible by conventional series production—in fact, they can be created fast, flexibly, and with fewer machines.

pdf.png SASAM Standardisation roadmap 2014 HOT

This document describes the roadmap for standardisation activities for Additive Manufacturing as drafted from the SASAM project.

The interest and attention for the development of AM standards have gained momentum. A group of over 100 industrially driven stakeholders from all over the world (with a centre of gravity in Europe) is currently active in AM. These stakeholders indicated the need and type of standards to be developed, they must be focussed on customers and market and support industrial implementation of AM. A number of standards categories were distinguished such as design, specific industrial needs, quality of manufactured parts, safety (regulations) and education.

A listing of already existing standards for AM has been drafted. Where relevant, liaisons have first been established with standardisation bodies and an assessment will be made whether further cooperation with Technical Committees will be desirable for AM topics as well. It must be noted that there is no CEN/TC on Additive Manufacturing at the moment. As part of the SASAM project it will be assessed whether the initiation

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