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AM related HORIZON EUROPE TOPICS: production process chain

Rapid reconfigurable production process chains (Made in Europe Partnership) (IA)


Deadline date: 30 March 2022 17:00:00 Brussels time
Expected Outcome: Projects are expected to contribute to the following outcomes:
  • Achieve a significant reduction in reconfiguration time, which includes all steps between stopping a production, reconfiguration of the individual production steps, requalification, adjustment of the intra-logistics processes, and ramping up to a full production speed;
  • Develop validated standardised interfaces and protocols to enable digitalised and thus flexible manufacturing processes;
  • Develop protocols for best practices in rapid reconfiguration applicable not only for the products and sectors present in the project, but also transferable to other sectors and application areas.

Scope: In times of disrupted supply chains or rapidly changing customer demands, production lines will need to be built flexible enough to be able to handle these variations. Rapid reconfiguration technologies of more flexible systems, will enable industries with many production process steps to maintain a resilience against sudden changes in ordering and/or supplies.

The projects should address reconfiguration of production systems in which the lines are running at medium or high volume manufacturing rates , and include a variety of production steps, such as cleaning, forming, thermal treatments, cutting, joining, surface treatments, painting, printing, assembly, etc. It should also consider complex logistics and non-manufacturing operations enabling the production runs. Projects should provide strategies for awareness and early detection of reconfiguration needs, e.g. by using A.I. and data technologies, to enhance their resilience towards threatening events or crisis situations.

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SAM European project on AM skills, is producing a series of podcasts to keep us to date on key AM topics:

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- Mr. Georg Schlick from Fraunhofer IGCV Germany providing insights on what to expect from Research in Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing for the next years. 

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PULSATE is the new PAN-European Network designed to boost the adoption of Laser-based Advanced and Additive Manufacturing (LBAAM) technology that will empower the European Manufacturing industry digitalization.

Receive up to 25 000 EUR funding and  3 months mentorship for LBAAM implementation assessment

Who can participate?

  • Technology Adopters (End-Users / Manufacturing companies) with high-potential business Use Cases for implementation of LBAAM technology in their processes, products and business models.

  • SMEs or Slightly bigger legal status is required

  • Companies legally established in the EU Member State or Associated Country

To do what? Demonstrate the applicability (Use Case) of LBAAM in an Adopter´s environment, supported by 3 months of technical and business feasibility assessment.

Apply before 31 March 2022 at 17:00 CEST