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1st webinar for young students /professionals

 The SAM project -Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing, is pleased to invite you to the next webinar of the series. Join us on the 24th of September at 10.30am (CEST) to discover what Additive Manufacturing can offer you in terms of job opportunities and career development. Our speakers from the EU funded project SAM will present the opportunities and the main obstacles faced by students and young professionals who would like to pursue a career in AM.      


Which are the skills needed to comply with the fast-changing requirements of the sector? How is AM an innovative technology? How can you exploit the heterogeneous potential of AM

These questions and many more will be discussed throughout the three sessions of the webinar:

“ The potential of 3D Printing – What can I do and which opportunities do I have with 3D printing”

  1. “Working in AM in disruptive times - experience from a project on the passive NIP masks (Non-Invasive PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure)) for the treatment of people with respiratory problems"

“Latest findings on the skills needs of the AM industry”


Check the full agenda and register


Do you have an idea that could help against covid-19? Then apply to the AMable OC and #print4virus!

We hope to support many of those companies with up to 10.000 Euros and expert consulting from the AMable team.

The second challenge set is ready for your proposals!

Submission deadline is 17.08.2020 17:00 CEST. More info on the flyer


Survey for AM workers

SAM (Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing) consortium, representing both education and industry fields, is undertaking a study to identify the skills demand related to Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing in Europe.

If you are working in Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing, we invite you to take part in this survey on AM Skills for the Workforce until the 15th October 2020. 

The survey aims to identify relevant AM skills and new job profiles, which will be used to develop future education and training requirements. The survey will last for approximately 15 minutes, and is structured in four different sections: 

  • Section 1: General information
  • Section 2: Professional background
  • Section 3: AM skills
  • Section 4: AM Training

Please feel free to disseminate it among your network, colleagues, and workers. Also, we invite you to visit our website, where you can find the latest results and to follow SAM dissemination channels.