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contribute to AM skills surveys!!

SAM project is running the last round of studies to identify which Additive Manufacturing skills and profiles are required by industry and felt by workers.

If you are an employer/company fill in theSURVEY

Link: Employers   -

Objective:  to identify what kind of Additive Manufacturing skills companies are looking for in a candidate considered the emergent needs (to be addressed within one year). 

If you are a worker or wish to work in AM SURVEY 

Link:AM Professional/ Workforce  -

Objective:  to identify current AM skills , knowledge and new job needed within one year.

The surveys will be available until 20 February. Thank you for helping us in designing Europe’s AM present and future!

Read here about previous studies in the AM Observatory > AM Reports



4, 5 and 6th July 2023 - Paris Saclay

The Forum France Additive is the bi-annual meeting of stakeholders in additive manufacturing. This event is aimed at all trades, all users, all suppliers of components of the additive manufacturing value chain.

The Forum France Additive succeeds the EFAM (European Forum on Additive Manufacturing).
In a new dynamic of collaboration with actors of Paris Saclay, it will take place over three days in person on the Saclay Scientific Plateau in collaboration with many actors in the field.
The France Additive Forum will be an opportunity to meet, share and exchange on the issues essential for the success of the development of additive manufacturing for a profitable and sustainable industry. In the context of France2030 and to support the growth of industrial activity in France, it is essential that the entire national ecosystem benefits from the latest advances in the field.
The Forum France Additive offers conferences on the main advances of the moment, on the perspectives of evolution of technologies and their applications, testimonials on other markets in the world as well as thematic workshops on topics crucial to the success of integration and implementation of the value chain around additive manufacturing. The presentations will allow you to discover scientific and technological advances through the testimonies of international speakers. All aspects of successful industrialization will be addressed, from the most up-to-date research to examples of integrated use of technologies, not to mention training and standardisation.
The Forum France Additive also includes visits, meetings, exchanges, friendly and fun moments shared in perfectly adapted spaces.

Don’t miss the France Additive Forum and follow the information on the France Additive website (

Feedback on Standardisation barriers: STAND4EU

We need your feedback -

STAND4EU is a two-year EU-funded project to identify barriers to standardisation and to establish an interface. The short questionnaire will be hugely valuable to our community. Please contribute to it here:

The purpose of STAND4EU project is to identify barriers towards standardisation in research and industrial innovation. This project will seek to establish the STAND4EU Interface to facilitate the collection and the sharing of information about the obstacles and associated remedies and best practices in the industrial and research and innovation community, standards developing organisations, public authorities and other relevant stakeholders. 

For further information about the project, please visit our website or contact by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.