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Save the date: AM Stakeholder Workshop-Aachen March 20th 2018

AMable , AM-Motion , ADMIRE and CLLAIM projects have joined forces to address Additive Manufacturing challenges at European level and would like to invite the AM community to an AM workshop on data and skills in Aachen.

 The one day session will address the following topics:

  •  Extension of file formats (AMable)

-which are the most important AM requirements for file formats and digital storage

-which file formats are most promising with respect to user acceptance and extensibility

  • Connectivity of AM machines (AMable)

-which connections do AM machines need to connect to industrial shop floor environments

-which protocols need to be implemented to integrate AM machines into production environments

  • Skills and Education for AM processes (AM-Motion, ADMIRE and CLLAIM)

-which results from the AM Motion surveys can be used to drive future skills development

-which level of education needs to be addressed today to avoid shortages in skilled personnel in the near future

-which curricula need to be developed and which is needed infrastructure to support skills development

Free workshop. Please register here


Granta aims to encourage AM data management projects and Standards efforts

Granta aims to encourage AM data management projects and Standards efforts
Granta Design has released to the Additive Manufacturing (AM) community key details of the Schema, the underlying data structures, behind its AM data management solution. The GRANTA MI:Additive Manufacturing Package is the industry-leading software for managing data within AM development projects. In publishing the Schema information, Granta aims to encourage projects to systematically manage AM data and to support development of Standards.
More information about managing AM data is available on the Granta website:

AM Motion Summer School – Preliminary announcement

 Save the Date – AM Motion Summer School registrations opens March 2018

The AM Motion* European H2020 Project is proud to announce the NEW AM Motion Summer School The AM Summer School is to be held from the 4-7th September at PRODINTEC, Gijon, Asturias, Spain. This new and exciting AM Motion Summer School focuses on main AM concepts, existing materials and processes as well as design and manufacturing paradigms, market relevance and specific best practice examples. The AM Motion Summer School will allow students to gain a thorough insight into the world of Additive Manufacturing, whilst spreading knowledge and giving rise to several vocations.

Registrations will be online and are set to open in March 2018.

There will be 20 funded spots of max. €300 – this will be on a first come first served basis. Terms &conditions apply**. Please check them below. Further students can apply to attend without any restriction but space is limited and further funding will not be given, we recommend to register as early as possible.

For more information on the AM Motion Project please visit:

Please feel free to contact Miss Scarlett Williams, Event coordinator at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any further queries.

* This project has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020) under grant agreement nº 723560

**Terms and conditions

  • Only one applicant per company/ organisation/ educational body are eligible for the funded application.

  • Applicants will be diversely chosen on a first come basis based on gender/country/age (below 30 years old) and organisation.

  • Applicants receiving funding must attend the full AM Motion Summer School and provide travel expenses receipts

  • If the applicant is not in attendance for the start of the AM Motion Summer School without notification to Miss Scarlett Williams, their funding may be removed and given to another student on the waiting list