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Bridging the skills gap in AM: The European Sector Skills Strategy Roadmap to 2030 is now out to support the growth and competitiveness of the sector

The Erasmus+ blueprint for skills in Additive Manufacturing (AM), the SAM project, has released its Skills Strategic Roadmap to 2030 outlining key challenges of the Additive Manufacturing sector and a strategy to overcome the obstacles and fully deploy AM technology for a faster, green and digital recovery.

The objective of the SAM project is to define a strategic framework for the recognition and anticipation of skills’ needs to maximize the impact of Additive Manufacturing in production lines. In this context, the Roadmap presents the overall guidance for implementing the strategy for skills development in AM until 2030. The Sector Skills Strategy outlines the path that the SAM project is going to take for the following years of activities, stressing on the fast-paced changes of the Sector and how the Skills Strategy will necessarily evolve, adapt and adjust to current and   future trends   in Additive       Manufacturing,    also    considering   the disruption that the current pandemic situation has on the industrial ecosystem.

More info:

Funding opportunity: 1st Technology Transfer Experiments Open Call PULSATE

PULSATE targets the greatest impact on potential manufacturing sectors accounting from those with a solid track of use of LBAAM technologies and also from those being currently underrepresented: aerospace (aeronautics), automotive, medical devices, industrial machinery, customised electronics and textile & clothing.

The main results achieved from the execution of the experiments will include the development of innovative laser-based equipment, processes, ancillary equipment, and software, looking for solutions particularly adapted to flexible production environments, typical in SMEs, and the digital tools which improve the productivity, flexibility, and traceability, lowering the entry barriers.

Technology Transfer Experiments (TTEs), the main benefit for each participant will be:
- For the supplier: a new product ready to the manufacturing sector needs
- For the end-user: the validation of a prototype system applied to its specific operational environment.

Selected TTEs will become part of the 13-month PULSATE Support Programme during which PULSATE partners will offer a full set of services to companies around the following pillars:

  • Technical support from industry experts
  • Business development support
  • Up to €150k funding per experiment
  • Media exposure
  • Access to private and public funding

The TTEs have to be proposed by a Consortium including a minimum 2 SMEs and/or slightly bigger companies acting as :

  • Technology provider (System Integrators): any entity which designs, builds or rebuilds, programs, installs, modifies, distributes, or supplies systems and/or technology for LBAAM.
  • Manufacturing company (End-user/Technology adopter): any entity that deals with the physical or chemical transformation of materials or components into new products.

Guides and documents, and informing webinars dates can be found here:

Asturias region, Spain-the Additive manufacturing land

Asturias Region is a great location opportunity for additive manufacturing companies thanks to the advantages it offers for this sector such as available space and its developed R&D+I ecosystem.

The region has multiple industrial parks with the capacity to install companies in the additive manufacturing sector.Moreover, there are several accelerators for AM industrilization and business incubators centers for companies and many examples of applications including sectors such as aerospace adnd heatlh.

Find out more in the presentation attached.

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