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  • SAM project: International Metal AM Coordinator -Advanced Training Course

SAM project: International Metal AM Coordinator -Advanced Training Course

The International AM Qualification System (IAMQS), developed under the framework of the European SAM project is composed by a set of qualifications for different proficiency levels in the field of AM technologies, grounded in industry requirements and validated by experts.The System uses a modular structure composed by units for learning outcomes to describe the expected knowledge and skills acquired by trainees after the successful completion of the training courses. 

Currentlty vacancies are open to register in the next IAMQS -advanced training course on " Metal AM coordinator" . 

About the Course: 

  • Format: Online training
  • Proficiency level : Advanced (Aligned with EQF 6)
  • Estimated duration : 175 Hours (approx. 25 hours training / month)
  • Period: Starting in November 2022 and ending in May 2023 
  • Contents: CU 00: Additive manufacturing Process Overview; CU 01: DED-Arc Process ; CU 08: DED-LB Process ; CU 15: PBF-LB Process; CU 25: Post Processing; CU 34: Process selection ; CU 35: Metal AM integration CU 36: Coordination activities; CU 75 BJ Process

Registration here