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OPEN POSITION: Senior Researcher in Laser Processing and Additive Manufacturing

Main Duties: Be part of the High-Power Processes and Applications (HPPA) area:
•    Coordination of active projects and reporting to the area coordinator.
•    Coordinate and execute technical tasks related to design, process planning, manufacturing, post-processing, testing and analysis of results, writing technical reports and deliverables, etc.
•    Prepare and submit R&D proposals in the area of manufacturing processes in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team of AIMEN.
•    Degree or Master Degree in Industrial Engineering, preferably with a specialization in Manufacturing Process.
•    Degree or Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Materials or similar.
Job Specific Skills: Advanced knowledge in:
•    Joining and/or manufacturing technologies of broad spectrum of metals: laser technologies, friction stir welding, electric arc, etc.
•    Industrial equipment based on these technologies and their deployment on robot / CNC positioning systems.
•    3D modelling and design tools (CATIA, ProEngineer, Solidworks or similar).
•    Ability of offline programming using commercial tools (e.g. Mastercam, Robotmaster, Powermill or similar).
Desirable Qualifications And Skills
•    Doctorate will be highly regarded, especially if related to processing of metallic materials: metallurgy, welding and other joining or similar.
•    Knowledge and demonstrable experience in:
    Simulation tools for joining processes and manufacturing by energy input (SysWeld, Pancomputing or similar).
    Monitoring and control systems for joining and manufacturing process.
    Metal Additive Manufacturing technologies, especially those of Direct Deposition of Energy (p-LMD, w-LMD, WAAM, etc.)
    To have a network of industrial contacts and research centers at national and European level.

More details and application:
Also you may contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.